You are beginning your paragliding career and have just decided to buy your first wing. It is quite an expense, so your craft should be as versatile and long-lasting as possible. You haven't yet discovered what kind of flying will be your favourite, so you would like to try everything: soaring the cliffs and diving off mountain peaks, flatland tow-launches and of course also paramotoring. You want to master thermalling skills and speed-bar usage on glides, but first and foremost you want to enjoy the mystical experience of flight without any disturbances from your wing. Of course there is still a lot to learn, so your wing should be forgiving of occasional faults, yet have enough performance to let you experience some real adventures.

Sounds like fiction, doesn't it? Well, not any more. Such a wing exists, and it is called NemoMoto.

NemoMoto is a modern paraglider with good performance and a big safety margin. It is capable of motorised flight, dedicated also for the use of novice pilots, winching and instruction as well.



All you have to do is to pull slightly on the A risers. Especially on tow launch your effort is minimal - the wing comes over your head by itself, even when not pulled to the limit.



As a beginner's wing should be, NemoMoto is indifferent to rapid or excessive steering inputs. With full brake and weightshift it follows your mind, without being too eager. Applying only the brake produces wide and easy turns. While thermalling, the wing remains solid, and on glides the speed-system works pretty efficiently.



In flight you will be surprised by the glide ratio, excellent among leisure paragliders.